Monday, March 17, 2008

Don't Let the Green Fool You!

Being that I'm totally not Irish, how am I celebrating St. Patrick's Day? Well, Huey's middle name is Patrick, and after a week and a bit off for March Break, he went back to school today! Yeah! Lucy is there now, and Meg is napping! I'd put some Bailey's in my coffee, but I have none. Bailey's, that is. You'd think I'd actually run out of hot, caffinated beverage items? I keep a 'back up' instant/flavoured-milk already in powdered mix type thing for those days we run out of milk :)

So, still some Christmas items, but some details and pictures!

Remember I talked about making clogs for the family Christmas gift exchange game, and they came out too small? My neice Ally (who is NOT an adult, LOL, I think her mom actually won) is the recipient of custom made clogs. She asked for purple and orange. I was having a hard time dealing with that, LOL, this was about as orange as I was comfortable with. Two strands Headwaters Wool and 8mm needles, size....crap, I've forgotten already! Not the lady's large, but the next size down. The gals have big feet in my family :)

I was concerned that I wasn't joining the soles on right. Because the inside sole, the bumper, and the outside sole are different colours, it's easy to see in pictures. This is ......picking up the sts for the bumper? Why is the working yarn on the left needle? LOL. I think I'm showing it from the 'other side'.

Here's the bumper (orange), with the light purple inner sole showing along the picked up sts. I thought after I did the pair before Christmas, that next time, I'd do the last row of the inside sole in the same colour as the bumper, but it actually doesn't show much once felted. And, sometimes I don't know until the end what colour all the different parts will be :)
Here's the same spot after felting; I had to pry it apart and open to show this much.

That's a handcrafted diaper cover :)
I had these done in early February, and I kept procastinating about mailing them. Then we suddenly decided to go to Oshawa for Family Day, so I got to actually drop them off :) I hear she likes them, but it'd be nice to hear it from her :)

I think there is only one more Christmas item to show! It's not quite finished though ;)


Sandra said...

ahh, purple and orange - my high school colours! You could always pick us out in a crowd...

Cindy G said...

Love the colors you ended up with. (I think the older I get the more I like really bright, hot colors.)

Monika said...

Thanks for your comments. As to your question about 2 socks on one circ. You'll need two balls of yarn, it's not advisable to knit from one ball, from both ends at once, or even possible with this method.