Friday, May 30, 2008

Some Quick Info

Barb (Catbookmom) wanted to know more about sizing the BSJ. I rarely knit baby items for specific babies, so I just take whatever size it ends up. The original pattern says it's a size 3 months if you get 5 st/inch (if memory serves me right). There is a chart at if you scroll down on the home page that gives you what every gauge would turn out to be sizewise. I did start to knit one using bulky yarn, but that REALLY eats up yarn and turns out big, so I don't recommend it (again, someone though has done the math and created their own bulkyknit version that works out to a baby size. I might actually do that one next).

I have more finished stuff to post later....but once I do, there might be a dry spell for a bit, LOL, so I want to spread things out. But I am working on socks, Cleo Tank top, and a Zaftig modified to be a bit more modest and involving fabric. None of those are close to finished so I don't want to use up my finished objects long before I have something more, LOL.

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CatBookMom said...

Thanks for the link. I have that in my never-ending queue, and since I've got quite a bit of leftover baby yarns it will be a good project.