Sunday, June 15, 2008


I have 5 skeins of Noro Kuryeon, from last Sept's K-W Knitter's Fair. I want to do something significant, but there's not enough for a sweater. I don't want another felted purse (I have 3 waiting for handles). I don't want to 'waste' it by making one skein projects. I mean, I could make a hat, scarf, mitts, and fingerless gloves, and it wouldn't be truely matchy-poo, but I don't think it's enough of a statement considering I have 5 balls. I have a couple of one skein shrug patterns I'm thinking about, but that leaves me with 4 balls, and if I'm having a hard time finding a pattern for 5 balls....and they are knit neck down, so it doesn't do anything marvelous for the striping. I could make a slightly smaller Clapotis, but would I feel like I'm wearing a blanket? I could make another W tank, but do I want an Aran weight wool close fitting tank (the pattern is written for wool I believe)?
I want something that shows off the striping. It makes a great BSJ, but I don't know any babies that I'd want to knit a BSJ with Noro for. A sideways knit shrug? I have a couple patterns but they are lace and that might be conflicting.
Mmmm....I have 4 "nieces" who would look cute in little shrugs.....

I have another batch of Kuryeon, I think 4 balls. I was using it to make a cardigan---either side of the front done sideways and sewn to the rest of the body knit regular. It took a lot of effort to find a complementary yarn (and doing the math), but I wasn't totally happy. I used one of 's alpaca/wool or something. It was too smooth and commercial looking next to the Noro. Can anyone recommend another yarn? I'm still going to finish up something with those two yarns, and I suppose I can do the same thing with the newer Noro. Although I kinda like the idea of shrugs for the girls, and one for me. Any other ideas? On one hand, I'm feeling greedy; I really like the newer Noro's colours (pinks/purples/oranges), but I know it'd look great on the girls, although the wonderfulness of the Noro would be lost on them, LOL. They'd be just as happy with that Sean's Sheep Armitage I used a lot last winter. Which I have more of......

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smariek said...

Ok, I'm gonna start with a stupid question here. What does BSJ stand for?

I've always admired the colorways but have never had the pleasure of working with Noro yarn before.

How much yarn would it take to make a little hoodie sweater for the girls?