Monday, June 16, 2008


Last night I was thinking more about the Noro and that there had to be an aran weight yarn with the same sort of rustic qualities to go with it. I remembered one! Then, this morning, I had a surprise phone call from my knitting friend Cindy! Now, if anyone knows Noro, it's Cindy--the original Noro 'ho! LOL, just kidding, Cindy is one of the sweetest, funniest moms I know, frequently surprising me with some story that you just would not expect from the soccer mom image ;) Add to that the unique way we met and re-met and that our daughters birthdays are days apart and they both have unique, old-fashioned type names....Well, I think Cindy owns enough Noro to open her own yarn store! And, many of the books too!
She suggested three yarns, one was Patons Classic Merino which I know is paired alot with Noro, but I find it's very different and the gauge is off slightly (just like the elann yarn I bought). But her third suggestion was the same as my latenight brainstorm---Peace Fleece! I can get it 'local', it's rustic looking texture and colours, and it's quite economical. It is a 2ply I think, instead of a single like Noro, but that's okay. While I'm thinking about Camilla Valley Farm there's also Lopi Lite that might be an option. Cindy also suggested a pattern "Hacky Sack Hoodie" from Son of Stitch and Bitch. It's a great hoodie, with a wide section of Noro above the kangaroo pocket, up to almost the neck. Because it's knit in the round, the stripes turn out thin, making it look like you used a lot of separate colours. She said she also read to start the Noro at a colour similiar to the main colour, so the join blends in more! Awesome idea!
Peace Fleece is often used to make soakers---diaper covers or pants to go over cloth diapers. I keep thinking I'm going to knit one, and had hoped to have some PF left over from the cream afghan I made so I could Kool Aid dye it. Potty training is coming along, some good days, some wet days, LOL, but all my kiddos are night wetters, so if Meg would just stop growing for a bit so her cloth diapers will still fit and I don't have to sew more, then we could use soakers at night for a while.
Anyway, what I'm going to do, is knit up a full skein of the Noro on the knitting machine, so I can see the colours properly; then go up to Camilla one afternoon when Meg's not napping!

Thanks Cindy!

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smariek said...

It took over a year for us to potty train, and I we're pretty much 100% potty trained. One of the turning points for poop training is to have a reward system, earn a sticker each time it's done in the potty (and not in the diaper), earn 5 stickers and get a reward. She quickly got the hang of that concept, and even knew not to ask for a sticker when she pooped in her pants.