Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Back when I was in university and studying music, I had to have one year in choir. I was scared! to audition and put it off as long as I could, because then he couldn't say no, LOL. I really enjoy choir, but sing only with a piano and others with me! One song we sang was written for traditional SATB harmony, but the only words were 'buzz'. It was a homage to the North American mosquito, and I think it ended with us slapping our arms. It was actually a difficult song to sing!

Anyhow. Back to the Socks That Rock. I had been searching for a pattern for STR lightweight; most that I liked said 'mediumweight' or were too patterned. I found one I thought I could do "Drunken Bees". The day I dropped the apple juice on my toe, back in February, I printed it up and took it with me to the ER. I got started, but found out after the ribbing, at about row 3 of the pattern, that it would NOT work with my STR. That's when I switched to the ribbing only I showed recently.

I was still intrigued by the Drunken Bees. I haven't done socks like that---twisted and travelling stitches. I decided to give them a try using some of my endless stash of Kroy 3 ply.

I started them either the first weekend in June, or just before then (I know because the lifeline I put in the Sea Silk scarf that I just showed, was a piece of the Kroy, and I know I did that the first weekend in June when we went to my parents'). Gosh, my ankle/foot look quite wide with that extra wide heel flap!
The first sock started out interesting. Then I got a little tired of having to refer to the chart so frequently. I started suffering a different version of 'Second Sock Syndrome"....I couldn't wait to START the second sock, LOL. So....I decided to alter the pattern to mainly ribbing as it got closer to the toe on the first one:The one of the right is the first one I made. That colour is horrifically wrong. It's a dark olive/mossy green. The heel flap is wider than normal, meaning that there were fewer gusset sts to decrease and it looks odd to me. And even though I tried them on, it still looks like I didn't make the heel flap long enough (a pet peeve of mine).

Just as I was finishing, a post came up on Freecycle for sock blockers. She said they were man's size, but I thought they might work for me, but not quite, they are definitely too long in the foot:They weren't washed/wetted for this photo, and they really need a good block to show the pattern. But they are done, and I have been wearing them as my feet get very cold with the air conditioning on! Wool socks really make a difference!

PS: Thanks "Steel Breeze" for the advice with the labels. It seems to have worked and I'm in the process of going back and fixing all the old posts!

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