Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Finished Blanket!

Oh, how I love the LK150! I decided to make a baby blanket using that giant skein of Bernat Baby Soft, that I wrote about previously. In an issue of KnitWords magazine I have, there is a pattern for a tuck stitch baby blanket for the mid-gauge, using James Brett Marble. I think the Marble is a tad thicker, so I used T6. Wow, is this a fast way to make a blanket!!!! I think it took less than 2 hours!!
There wasn't the obvious colour patterning that there was on the swatch, but that's okay. It took 247grams and I have 378grams left. That was all as one skein. Yes, it was big! After washing, this blanket is SO soft. Much softer than the Baby Soft I bought two years ago, that doesn't have the same sheen either.

This is what the tuck stitch looks like on the knit side. It was every other stitch, every other row. Very easy with the needle selector card and the Russell levers.

Of course, the down side is that you usually have to add an edging afterwards, to stop the curling. This REALLY slows me down! The pattern had an edging I've never done, little triangles that get attached as you make them.
This is the purl side, where the unknit stitches get caught up.
Often, the purl side is considered the 'right' side with tuck stitch.
Well, when I first tried the pattern, I could NOT get them to work. Then we went away, and when we got back, I asked for help on the Yahoo machineknitting group. Someone saved the day and I realized I needed to cast off every triangle and then cast on those stitches again. D'OH!

One day Meg wanted to go in her pool and hot tub, so I decided to bring the LK150 to the deck. Well, by the time I got it set up, and fixed the error I had made (with all the short rows in each triangle, it took some time to get back on track).....she was done in the pool. So, the next day, seeing the portable table was in the garage after our camping trip, I set it up as a knitting station. Even when I was sitting out there handknitting, there wasn't anyplace to set things down, or leave them. But I got the machine set up, and finished off the edging while my kids played outside. Gotta love multi-tasking!


Clarisse said...

and "gotta love" plastic bed machines! You have discovered the main reason why I just can't part with all of mine :) Your baby blanket turned out gorgeous too!

Clarisse >^..^<

Monika said...

It's a lovely blanket. I think the edging makes it perfect.
To answer your question about how much yarn I'll need for the 10-stich blanket: I don't know yet. I bought SWS to make blankets some time ago, so I probably have about 15-20 balls, which will all go into the blanket, not matter what size it will be.

smariek said...

So that's what the knitting machine looks like! I've never seen one before. Wow, 2 hours for a baby blanket, that's incredible. The edging is a nice finishing touch for the blanket. One of these days I'll learn how to do borders on things. i do like how the colors are distributed on the blanket. Sometimes you can get these weird pooling issues and I don't see that with yours.