Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Finally, a FO

Sigh. It's been a FO drought, but I did a quickie project to help fight the chill. FiberTrends felted clogs! And, it stash busted! It's all Lopi (not Lite, not Bulky), one strand, and 8mm needles. I made the ladies' large, which is a size 10. They are a smidge big on me (I"m almost a 9), but I'll be able to wear them with thick socks. These are the first pair for myself!!

I bought the main colour from Camilla Valley Farm late June, the light blue and dark green for the soles came from Rob for Christmas a couple years ago, also from CVF. It took slightly more than one ball of the main colour--I think I started the second ball just after starting the cuff.

As usual, I thought they looked a little large pre-felting. Who doesn't think that?!Here's a little tip. Although you need hot water to felt, don't use the diaper load for the extra agitation and to try to conserve water. LOL. Plus, as usual, I put a bit too much detergent in. Oh yeah, total bubble bath in the machine!As usual, too, they didn't come out exactly the same. I tend to get one that has a nice shaped opening, and one that gets a little flared. I was a little worried that the light coloured yarn wouldn't felt well, but it was fine, and I quite like how the little specks of colour appeared after felting. They are quite hairy, not surprisingly though as the other Lopi ones I made last Christmas were quite hairy!

And because every other knitting blog seems to have a cat, I thought I'd show you a picture of our new cat:It's a new breed: GoldenFurline. Wait....you can't seem to find the head?LOL!!!

Recognize the colouring?

No, it's not a cat. It's the result of a 5-minute Cooper brushing....after having plucked out a handful of loose hair while outside! He is shedding like crazy!

Yes, we choose our pet(s) to match our furniture. And our new carpeting, LOL.


CatBookMom said...

I really did think it was a hat until I scrolled down! Adorable model, of course.

Cracked up at the GoldFurline. That IS a lot of pet fur! We've commented that Midnight has shed enough for a kitten in the last month or so - she somehow got very knotty and we couldn't keep up. Her favorite sleeping places got very black. I kept wondering how new knots could develop in just a day or so. And of course there was the hairball issue...

smariek said...

That's a lot of fur!!!

I've never felted before, so I was surprised to see how big the slipper was before felting.