Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still Upset

After it's time out, I decided to tackle unpicking the cast on row of the FLS, to reduce the bulk when I re-twist the shoulder bit. Of course, it's the sleeve furthest away from the start of the cast on. And, because I was unprepared to do a provisional cast on, I did a knitted cast on in the same yarn (I was just going to pick up the sts and work upwards, I thought it would blend in okay with the garter stitch). I couldn't just take the scissors and snip snip snip because I was petrified of snipping the first pattern row. I couldn't really make out what was the cast on row and what was the next row, so I started from the yarn tail....and picked and pulled and picked and pulled and after about 2 hours, I'm almost 1/2 way across.

I usually feel energized by a challenge, but this time I just feel doomed. Not doomed, I think it can be saved, but like my knitting life force has been sucked out of me. If I could draw, I'd make a swirly spirit hand reaching into my body and taking my knitting soul, tangled in this green sweater. It doesn't help that there are other issues going on right now, sucking my spirit dry, either. I've lost my pep. Caffeine is not bringing it back. Chocolate is not working. I'm resisting the large bottle of Bailey's Rob bought me for Christmas because I know once I start, I might not stop.

I have knitted successfully in the past two weeks.....several pairs of mittens and hats on the KnitSmart machine, a handknit cowl/nose warmer (little loose, but workable), a Thorpe in awful stash yarn but with an inside headband to tighten it up and add some warmth. Where I seem to be succeeding is giving away yarn. I've either used up or given away most of my 'bulky yarn' drawer, and some of the worsted weight drawer. The sock and DK drawers are still full, and the bins of 'project' yarns are still very full. I've got plans, but no spirit.
What's next?

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smariek said...

I go through cycles with my knitting. I hope you find some inspiration soon.