Monday, June 29, 2009

And Now for Something Not Blue!

Meg still uses a (cloth) diaper at night (she is the heaviest wetter in two Yahoo diaper sewing/wool cover knitting groups), and we use wool covers, just like in the good old days. Recently, when Rob was home for a day, we went up to Camilla Valley Farm and I got some more Peace Fleece to make Meg some "shorties" (soakers are just a diaper cover, shorties are a combination shorts and diaper cover, longies are full pants that are also a diaper cover). I couldn't decide on a colour, but she agreed to this green, although it seemed brighter in the store.
They were knit on the LK150. It started out great, but the first version was way too large. Well, the rise was too long. Ripped it back, re-knit, but kept doing stupid mistakes. I was trying something a little different with the crotch.
There is ribbing up the center back and front, like the Spare Ribs Shoaker and has to be hand manipulated on the machine. A little time consuming, but in general, it's still faster to knit these on the machine. I had extra ends to weave in though cause I kept making mistakes, LOL.
Meg won't get the diaper on before she goes to bed, so I have to wait till she's asleep. So that makes it hard to get an action shot, LOL.

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