Sunday, April 04, 2010

February is for Finishing

I've been trying really hard to think of a project I've finished lately, to write about. During March Break, I made two 'cast socks' for my niece who broke her ankle. Made them in an afternoon using my parent's Ultimate Sweater Machine (Bond), while we were all staying there. Didn't take pictures though.
I decided a while ago (ahem, I think it was after February, but the title sounded better, and had been my intention) to clear out my 'time out' project drawer. The things that need buttons, sewing up, etc. I got a good start, but couldn't find the buttons I knew I had bought a long time ago. Several projects needed buttons. One top for me just needs a small amount of sewing together and the neckline/armholes trimmed. I ripped out the little Fisherman's Rib sweater that I made when I first started the ribber. As I went to sew it up, I just felt the mistakes were too obvious, too annoying. I had already made pants to go with it (that are just waiting for me to sew the tubular bind off...), so I tried the pull over pattern that goes with the pants. The collar/button band is in three pieces and needs to be sewn on. Should have picked up sts instead. I think I'll handknit a hat to go with it.
I've got two pairs of socks on the pair from "Favorite Socks" using Elann's "Fixation" a stretchy cotton, and one pair of Cookie A.'s patterns, in pink Kroy 3ply. Neither one is a 'brainless' project (now I want to knit all my brainless socks on the knitting machine), so I started a baby sweater. I'm still sewing up my mom's birthday sweater, and I finished another sweater on the machine that now needs to get sewn up.
My first pair of socks really have a whole now. Another pair--Drunken Bees--are threadbare in the heel. They are in Kroy 3 ply, and I'm really surprised at how quickly this happened. I will darn them by duplicate stitching, as all the sts are still intact.
So, I'm not getting any further ahead. Start, pause, rip, start, switch, sew, pause....

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