Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Just In Time For Summer....

I finished a pair of Kroy 3ply socks recently. Yeah, the thermometer outside yesterday (when I started writing this), read 45C/111F . Not to mention the Humidex reading will bring that number up much higher. But I still wear my wool socks in the summer. Although, I just bought new sport sandals that are a thong, so I have to make some socks for them.

Cookie A. "Twisted Flowers", less than 2 skeins of Kroy 3ply in a not-too-girly pink. Think I used 2.75mm needles. They fit great, better than the Mingus socks which had a bit of gauge issues.

I was attracted to this pattern as it has a large motif which is somewhat lacey, but not 'lace', and the pattern continues onto the heel. However, on one of the heels, I got a gusset hole. There is a yarn over hole in the pattern right there and somehow it grew.

Worked two at a time, sometimes on one circular, but mostly on two circulars. The one circular was just a little too short. And sometimes, my brain went wonky and I ended up knitting from one needle onto the other needle.

I did most of the pattern without a cable needle, as it's just one stitch held behind/forward. I like to start out with a cable needle, to make sure I'm doing the pattern right though. However, I got a little lazy apparently, on the foot, and messed up the crossings--check out the sock on the right, below.

As if taking pictures of your own feet isn't hard enough...add in a puppy...

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