Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sew I've Been Thinking

Do you have any ideas, theories, ideology that you believe, but know it's silly, unfounded, or just plain dumb? In particular, ideas about clothing, sewing, knitting, etc?
I like dresses, especially with patterns. Not really wild patterns usually, though. And I don't wear them as often as I'd like. I like skirts with patterns, but I have a hard time finding skirts that fit and look good on me. Strangely though, I won't wear a skirt (or pants/shorts) in a pattern with a matching patterned shirt. Even if it does look like a patterned dress. Why is this? I think maybe I think it looks too "contrived", like I tried too hard, while a dress is just one piece to throw on. Silly? And, I'd really like to wear patterned pants, or shorts, but never do. Crazy.

I have another bedsheet that I want to use up for sewing. It's an old Sears one, a pale green with floral pattern (Rob says it looks "Amish"). The top of the sheet has a wide greeny-white band with dark green piping separating it from the sheet. Being doubled, I thought it make a good top piece for the dress---I'm thinking of doing the pattern you can see in the picture on this post; it goes straight across the chest. However, when I hold it up to me, it looks funny not having my whole bosom in the white part; the proportions are just not right. I could use this edge for the bottom hem, although that will limit how full the skirt can be, and it might feel too "sheetish". But let's face IS a sheet, and it DOES look like a sheet. Perhaps I should make the dress for one of my girls--could probably make matching dresses although Lucy would never allow them to go out in public as matching. Make one with the band at the top and one at the bottom? Still too matching (when I made their dresses this month, I suggested same fabric, different dress and she refused). Maybe I should make a pair of "sheet pants" and work on creating a pants pattern? I KNOW I'd never leave the house in them though, and as school is starting on Tuesday, there's only two days a week I could possibly not leave the house.

My other silly notion. When I'm at the thrift shop looking for sheets (or other clothing to cut up or modify), I don't want to take the 'nice' stuff because I feel that someone would really like to have that item as it is. There were some great sheet sets that I passed up because hey---some people actually use both sheets and they still looked like great sheets. A passed up a duvet cover for the same reason. Silly? Like when looking for wool sweaters to cut up and felt....someone might really like to have the 'nice' sweaters.

What are your silly ideas? I just found the "Stats" tab on the dashboard here, and can tell that there really are people reading my blog, LOL. So, let me hear from you!

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steel breeze said...

I know what you mean. Buying something to cut up seems like kind of a waste of its original purpose. But I made a great beanbag out of charity shop curtains for my nephew and he loves it, so....

I've made some khaki shorts recently and can't decide if I want to make a matching top, or skirt. And, if I'd wear the first as a combo. Hmmm.