Saturday, September 04, 2010

Way Back When It Was Summer...

I bought a pair of black and red yoga capri pants waaaaayyy back in late spring. I thought, gee, I have this huge cone of fine red yarn, I'll whip up a red tank top on the Singer 327. With the knit contour/leader, AND tuck stitch!

Well, I did some swatches, single and double strand. I liked the double strand but the definition wasn't there in the tuck pattern and it did seem heavy. So I went with the single strand, 2/24 I think the yarn is.

Some of the knitting went great! Some, not so great. I forgot that the tuck side is the right side and finally learned for myself why patterns for garments like this say to take one side off on waste yarn when doing the other side of the neck. The neck band took so long to pick up sts, and cast off.

I still haven't sewn it up. I toyed with doing it on my sewing machine. I don't' know. It might need armbands, I guess. Plus it needs hems. That aspect of tuck st as right side sort of sucks. Is there any other option? Knit the band, take off on waste yarn, still have to get those sts back on the latches, and the gauge difference means different number of sts...

It's freezing here today and I just don't know what to do about this top. Finish it and wear it like mad during Indian Summer? Go back to sewing for tops like this?

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