Sunday, October 17, 2010

Interesting Stats

I haven't had many comments lately, despite doing way more posting than normal (due to a week without a vehicle, LOL). So, I like checking out my blogger stats and just making sure I actually have readers. Well, you learn some interesting things, and sometimes get more questions than answers. Like, why, on Oct 14, at 12:00 (noon, I think, and is this EST, GMT, or the weird time on my computer), was there 43 page views? I can't find out what page specifically they were visiting--you can get that detail for the day it is, but not for previous days. Why, when someone searched Yahoo! for "Naughty teen" did a picture of me trying on the bodice of the empire waist dress muslin show up? And why is someone searching "Things to do in a Snuggie"? Why did I get so many views of Fuzzy Wuzzy (the last post)?
Apparently, having a sudden spike in views can mean that someone linked to your picture instead of saving it to their computer. But I can't find out how to know if someone actually did this (hot linked).
While it's great knowing that people are actually finding their way here, and at least looking at'd still be nice to get feedback :)


Cindy/KS said...

I'm guilty of reading & not always posting. I have a lot of knitting blogs on my list & at least for now, I can open up all the new posts in Firefox & them read them while I eat my lunch at work! I am sure that will change when I have to get a new job - I have 2 weeks left at my current job. But I don't usually link to a picture. If it is something I want to keep because it made me think of an idea, I just copy it to my computer along with the link to the page it was found on - usually in Word.

TracyKM said...

I often read blogs and not post a comment too...but I do try, if I did find something really interesting and there aren't already 200 comments (or even 20). Just to let the writer know that there's someone out there, LOL. I have 9 followers for this blog, but obviously more readers than that...or at least more page views than what 9 readers would generate, LOL.
There's got to be some way to figure out if something has been hotlinked. There's no way to find out if a picture's been stolen/saved and posted elsewhere except by chance/googling. I'm not too concerned about this blog, but on my other one I did spend a lot of time writing posts for our last cruise and I know those are popular pages.

Jo :) said...

I think most people that read blogs, have a bucket load they visit.
I have more than 100 just under my knitting section on my reader let alone the rest.
In a perfect world people wpould be able to leave comments on every blog they like, but good old time always wins.
I use a program called stat counter, it tells you where people came from and all sorts of neat stuff that I don't really understand. Maybe you could give that a try?
YOu said they were page views of the one page, do you think maybe that someone just linked to your page, I know if I find something cool I want to share with people I usually just post a sneal peak picture and say " you must go ,ook at this persons page, you can find it here", that way the person still gets traffic and credit for whavere they did.
So maybe it is not someone stealing a picture but linking to something cool!... I owuld be worried about someone searching "naughty teem" though... creepy!

pippasmum said...

Hi, Tracy! You know me from SCAP - Sarah (we have been accused together of ganging up, I think). I always read, I have two little, little ones and I have way too many blogs I read through reader so I often don't leave comments since I am going through so quickly (time is at a premium for sure). I love the stuff you are doing and it inspires me to try and find some time to knit. I love it but it seems to be one of the first things to get put aside when life gets busy.
Congrats on all of your hard work!

steel breeze said...

I read you via Google reader. Not sure if that means I show up or not! :)

TracyKM said...

I like the stats now so that I can know that people actually are "viewing" pages. I wish there was a way to know when you visit someone else's blog, if they have many readers...those are the ones I definately like to leave comments on.
With the stats, you can find out where readers have come to your blog from, and also what search terms brought them there. I don't see any sites that would have linked a post of mine, but I use my blog address in my mail signature and in many places on line.
You can see for today's stat, for example, how many visits the different posts got, but once that day is over and you look at the week, you get totals, and can't look specifically at each day. I did have one day last month that had 92 visits, so I guess 43 isn't that high. So, because I didn't view the stats on that specific day, all I know is that there were 43 visits to my blog. The most popular post I have is "Ribber" and then "Soaked". I'm enjoying the stats feature, although it's given me serious concern for my other blogs, I'm not sure if I wrote about it or not on "therestofmylife" blog...