Monday, March 07, 2011

Fumbling Fleegle Socks

Way back sometime in the spring (of 2010), I needed a no-brainer knitting project for during the movies (my brother works for AMC and gave me an "almost unlimited" free pass!). On my Ravelry page, I say I started them in May. That could be true. LOL. It's Patons Stretch Socks, and I had two balls. I knitted them toe up, at the same time, because I was sure I would run out--the balls look really small! Well, I finally stopped knitting at about mid-calf cause I was tired of brainless knitting, LOL. There was still quite a bit left it seemed. One ball is not enough, but two is too much.To add a bit of interest, I started a ribbed pattern, mid-foot, starting with the center stitches and gradually converting the stitches to ribbing. I'm not fond of a short row heel (even with my use of additional short rows at the top of the heel to get it deep enough), so I thought I'd try the "Fleegle Heel". At first, it seemed like it was going to be too much brain power involved. In fact, I think I did re-do the first one cause I had started it a bit too early. Oh, on Ravelry, I said I had to add a few short rows at the top of the heel as well! But in the end, it is a great, easy, heel-flap style heel! (I don't know how much the stretch yarn helped though). I'd use it again, for sure. I've tried a couple other toe up heel flap heels, and didn't much care for them, but this one works!
As I went up the leg, I did a nice decrease at the center back. Then, as it seemed my yarn wasn't going to ever run out, I increased those stitches back in at the top of my calf.

According to Ravelry, I finished these on Dec. 22, just in time for the cold weather (LOL, they're only 39% wool). And just in time for the two more balls I got for Christmas, LOL. I really like the yarn. Before washing, it felt a little stringy, but now, they are quite soft, springy, not too warm, not too cold, not too thick (Cascade Fixation is too thick for me). I hope they keep this yarn around, but bring out some solids, or near solids.

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