Wednesday, March 23, 2011


After re-drawing the bodice pattern, I set it aside to start on the back alterations. I had to clean up for dinner and I had a few questions to myself, before I kept going. In the end, it was a good thing I slept on it because I remembered something I had to change on the front (shorten the armhole).
I cut out all the pieces, and it's just waiting for the sewing. I do have to get some interfacing (I do have some in black, but it's woven and since the dress is a knit, I should get knit interfacing, right?) and some seam tape (never used that before) and I think some finer needles (ballpoint or stretch?) and probably some matching thread (haven't checked what I have). I can do the front pleating before I get to the fabric store though. I've put it on hiatus this week as I have a concert on Saturday and I really need to do some practicing! Plus, I had to bathing suit shop while they were on sale, and I thought I might get back to exercising...the sewing is supposed to be easy, so I should get it done fairly quickly, but I won't have much time for it on Saturday. And, of course, I hope the alterations worked!
I've also been working on some machine knit felted slippers (awesome), and a crazy lace baby sweater that I ripped out last night. I need to start some new handknit projects (and finish a few old ones), and I'm having trouble deciding what I want to work on---there's SO many things I want to knit, but not a whole lot that I'm madly lusting over. Or, I'm concerned about matching yarn and pattern. I'm just having a hard time making decisions! I'd like it if I gave my pattern list to someone, they looked through my stash, and told me what to make, LOL. I do know that my indecisiveness does usually pay off in the end, with items that I do love, so I'll just have to be patient with myself and not settle for less than what I love!

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