Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Catch Up

Okay.  I was having trouble with my other blog, and not being able to get blank lines between paragraphs.  I did what it said in the help section, but that didn't seem to work.  So I changed something, and now the whole editing is weird.  I know I've complained about being able to load only 5 pictures at a time, but what I normally did was get typing while the pictures were loading.  Can't do that now.  And you don't choose at that time the picture alignment, and now I'm not sure how to get them in the center but the text to go to both edges....it's really weird typing!  Anyone out there can help me?
So, I made these socks just over a year ago, and when I put them on them on the other day, I thought something at the toe looked odd.  I looked closer, and it appears I missed a stitch when I grafted the toe!

I turned 40 in January, and like every other year, my "grandma" sent me a cheque.  I usually get myself something knitting related, like a magazine subscription.  This year, since I was turning 40, I wanted something a little more indulgent, significant, noteworthy.  I had seen the Namaste circular needle holder at www.knitpicks.com and thought about that, but it won't hold ALL my needles.  Then I saw this little box.  It's actually "eggplant".  I had been using a chocolate bar tin, but the hinge broke so the lid often got jammed down and then it got stuck and Rob had to pry it open.  So that sealed it, LOL, and I had to order the Namaste notions box.

 I thought it looked longer in the catalogue, and now I need to find a shorter "emergency" crochet hook.  There is a divider inside, which is great, and the shell is magnetized inside...however, I'm finding that much of my stuff isn't sticking.
 It's a nice little box, not embarrassing to take out of my bag in public, LOL.  I started with a little tiny plastic box years ago, so it's nice to upgrade.  And since I was ordering, I had to make it worth my while, and treated myself to some new Chroma fingering yarn.  I wish there was a bit more yardage though.  It's marketed as a sock yarn (don't think I'll use it as such, because of the single ply nature), so 396yd is plenty for that use though.
 And my main present from Knitpicks.  New needles!  I've been frustrated with the large number of circular needles I have (over 60), but so many of them I don't like, or are too short, too stiff, etc.  A while ago when I started stocking up on 16" circulars, but got annoyed at still needing dpn when I'd get to the tip of the hat or mitt.  Then I learned about Magic Loop and suddenly I needed long, flexible needles.  I often bought needles at thrift shops, but I couldn't find smaller needles (under 4mm) in the local stores, without having to buy the real expensive needles.  I created a spreadsheet of all my needles, including their size, length, and attributes.  I asked in my online knitting group which of the Knitpicks Options tips they liked (I could afford the nickle or the acrylic only).  But then I wanted to start some socks, and I didn't have needles long enough to do two at once, magic loop.  Even doing one sock magic loop was tough, as the tips were way too long.  I decided to get the individual needles in the smallest sizes, with a 100cm cable.  I'll wait to get the Options set the next time it comes on sale (or if I'm somewhere, somewhat local, that is now carrying the needles).
 The six needle above pretty much replace all the needles below, about 16 pairs.  I had planned to give some away, although it's still hard to part with them.  I think I'll wait awhile and see if I do ever need any of these...I know it's good to have maybe two pairs of each size.  So far, I'm really like the KnitPicks.  The cables really are flexible, however, I have gotten some small kinks in one (not annoying like with the other needles).  I'm also finding the join on one of them to catch on the stitches.  I would also like if they had etched the sizes into the tips.  But I do like them!

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