Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last summer I had brought the LK150 up to the kitchen so I could knit while the kids were in the yard. I was planning on making a diagonal knit sweater using Patons SWS that I had bought as "1lb Unknown Fibers" yarn at Wal-Mart. I did lots of swatching, and had the back and most of the front knit when it got put on hold....long term hold. There were some little issues that were bugging me. When I got the Singer 155, I knew I'd just "whip up" a plain sweater. I made the green stripe one and did some fine tuning of the shape. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the neck, I couldn't decide between a hood or a shawl, but I went with the shawl collar, although it didn't quite turn out how I was's not big enough and tends to flip up (which is also okay, but not what I planned).
There is a bit of an issue with the back. I did do short rows in the bust, and I did make the back narrower, but you can see that it's saggy. I need even less length in the center back, which is not a fun adjustment in knitting. Basically, I'd have to do short rows along each edge, and leaving the center stitches unworked. Maybe, instead of doing that in wedges like for the front (but in reverse), I could do it in stages as I go up the back.
At first, I felt it was a smidge snug, but I think it's loosened up. I hadn't planned on how I wanted to do the edgings either, so I had casted on with waste yarn. On the body, I rehung the open stitches, doubled up on every other needle, to get a picot edge, then knit 7 rows and joined and cast off. However, I somehow didn't get the front and back the same and one of the hems rolls and the picots are not quite along the bottom edge. For the sleeves, they were a little long, so I just turned it under and stitched it down. They look good. I do think the body is a bit long, and I had thought about redoing the body hems....but that'll be later, LOL.

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