Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time Travel Would Have Been Useful

This is weird, but my typing screen is grey, and I can't see my cursor, and when I type, the type is showing up in a white strip.  I'm not sure I like the changes to blogging....I did this cause the "solution" for getting a space between paragraphs didn't work...

I haven't blogged this week (now the white strip is gone, but the background is still grey and there's no visible cursor) cause last Wed. I got a notice that we're at 75% of our internet usage for our new billing plan....and not at 75% of the month!  Then Lucy was home sick on Thursday, then it was a 4 day weekend for EVERYONE in the family.  I'm trying to cut down on blog surfing, etc.  However, today I looked at my emails, one was from Patternreview.com and they had a contest and the winner was shown in a dress that I thought I had in my pattern collection.  So I went off to her blog and fell in love.  Yup.  A sewing crush.  Sigh.  You know how on some blogs, they have at the bottom of posts "Other pages you might like" suggestions?  Well, one of the suggestions looked a lot like my "Empire Strikes Back" dress I worked (click on the "Sewing" label at the right and then scroll down,down,down to see the three posts) on last August.  I read through it and it was like re-living everything I did!  It was a different pattern, but extremely similar (Simplicity and New Look are the same after all).  I searched  and googled so much last summer and if only she had made her dress LAST year instead of this year! I feel very validated now, knowing that what I was doing was more or less the way to do it!    I also feel like it might be okay to have to grade a waist up 5" so that I can use the patterns I do have that are not quite big enough.  I just might give that dress another go now!

I've been really good about not buying yarn this year.  Earlier in the year I did find a good score at the Salvation Army, and I bought that Chromos yarn from Knitpicks.com but I've been really good.  Then I took Meg to Michaels for some craft stuff, and they had some Patons Classic Wool on clearance, so I bought 6 balls.  I know it'll get used for felting, so I like adding to my CW stash when they clear out colours.  Then, Meg and I dropped into the yarn store in Oshawa, cause I needed some wool wash.  She had the bright red "kitchen" cotton I need for a special gift project.  And she had a ball of James Brett Marble in boyish colours in the sale bin, so I got it, and one more (full price) ball of a different dye lot just to be safe.  And then I turned to my left and saw the Patons Lace, which I did pass up, for the more expensive but lovelier, Regia Lace, in black/charcoal/grey.  Ooops!  Still, I am using up yarn at a good rate this year, as I'll show in another post!

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