Monday, April 04, 2011

Well, Ain't That Odd?

Back when Meg was a newborn, fall/winter 2005, I decided to join the blogging world. I signed up for Blogger, created a blog name "Knits and Knots" and got it all set up. But then, before I posted even once, I couldn't get logged in again! I tried various times over the next 7 months until I gave up and created this one from scratch. Today, I opened my yahoo email and there was an email from blogger saying that I had inquired about my tracykvm account and here was the info. Skeptical, I clicked the links. It seemed real, but I had to give an email address and I was leary of giving my yahoo or Rogers email, so I created another one. But it all seemed legit, so now I have two knitting themed blogs. I could turn this one into a sewing blog as the web address is generic, or make one for machine knitting and the other for handknitting, but it seems silly to split things up. Is there a way to move posts from one blog to another one (like some of my early posts from here that should be on my 'general' blog instead)?

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