Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Name That Tune....

Back when I was a kid, I watched "Name That Tune" game show quite a bit (I don't remember that part of the show, mainly the "I can name that tune in 5 notes" bit.  But there are other links there too....).  I love listening to music, all sorts, and  had a good aural memory...until I had kids, LOL.

Today's blog post is a sewing version.  LOL.  I was at my parents' on the weekend, and was hoping they had some specialty presser feet I could borrow.  We found this little case in the cabinet.  It has a silver gizmo on the left side, and the center indent is empty.  It says Sears Kenmore on the clear lid.

 It doesn't have the usual notch on the side to screw it on, nor is it possible to snap it on (this is, assuming it is a presser foot!).
 It's shaped like a pie server, although the back is higher, and one side curves up.
 There is a hole in the top of the shaft, and a tiny screw on one side.
Any suggestions?  I'm totally baffled.  I've googled Kenmore presser feet, and it doesn't show up.  I've googled specialty parts, accessories, etc.  This makes me even more fascinated and determined to figure it out!

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Cheryl said...

I liked that game show to, but I really liked the match game because I love betty white. lol