Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It Followed Me Home....

While at the school last week, I was sure I saw on the clothing drive signs that it was going until February 4th.  That was great, I thought, because I was going away for the weekend and wouldn't have my machines, but I would have access to a great store with a good selection of yarn suited for charity items.  So I popped in to see what I could get.  They usually have a lot of the "1lb Mill Ends, Unknown Fibers" bags, and quite often I can tell what yarn they really are.  This time, most of the bags were cotton, or baby type yarns (you know the crimply one with a shiny white strand in it).  However, there were two bags that I instantly recognized as Patons Lace.  One bag was entirely in the Porcelain colourway which I LOVE, and the other bag was mostly in that too, but also has two balls of Sachet which I'm not too fussy on, but might still look nice worked up.  This yarn normally sells for $5.99-$7.29 (according to Mary Maxim), for an 85gr ball.  I got 454gr for $6.99!  Actually, I got 908gr for $13.98, or, 10.6 balls for the price of two, just because there are no labels and they're not all in 85gr balls.  How could I pass that up?!
I also bought two balls of Patons Decor in Rose Country Pink for $3.00 each, and a giant ball of Red Heart Comfort in blacks/greys for $9.99.  I was going to use this to make more of the hats and scarves, but Lucy came home from school on Monday and said everything had to be in today.  However, I have a friend who's currently living in a small, remote, northern town, and I might be able to send stuff directly to him!

Here are my new totals:
2 1lb Mill Ends;                 908gr           $13.98
2 Decor                             200gr            $6.00
Red Heart Comfort          340gr             $9.99

Total In                             1448gr           $33.87 inc. 13% tax

Year In Total                      1917gr + 1448gr=  3365gr
                                           $77.19 + $33.87 =  $111.06
                                            Average $3.00/day

I'll do my Year Out totals in the next post when I show all the items I made for the clothing drive!

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