Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yarn Confession Update

I've decided that the easiest way to keep track of my yarn usage would be by weight.  Many of my yarns are odd balls, or old, or unlabelled, and many of my projects use multiple yarns.  Trying to figure the yardage for these yarns and projects would be too much work.  But I can always weigh a project!
Starting right after Christmas, here's what I've used up:

Cream tuck scarf         50gr (estimate)
Rose tuck scarf           40gr (estimate)
Green tuck scarf          75gr (estimate)
"Blankie" skirt           279gr
felted slippers            129gr (after pattern says 117gr for the last pair)
sock monkey            125gr (estimate; he's already stuffed)
Marble Scarf               54gr
Meg's cowl                 38gr
Bonnie mitts and scarf   156gr (small amount was Classic Wool; about 6gr)
donated sock yarn     300gr

Total:   1246gr/1.246kg

Yarn that Came In the House:
Green Classic Wool                 77gr/$2
James Brett Marble                 54gr/$2
2 balls Black Classic Wool   200gr/$10
Brown Fisherman Wool       227gr/$11.24
Brown Handicrafter              100gr/$2

Total:  658gr/$30.78 (inc HST, 13%).

So, I've used up about twice as much yarn as what I've bought so far!  That's awesome!

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