Monday, February 06, 2012

Patience Helps

....or a good hiding spot.

Last year (as in the winter of 2010/2011, not "last year" as in the fall of 2010), I tried making a slouchy hat in some Louet "Bonnie".  The hat was going okay, but although the pattern was easy, it was also really easy to goof up, which of course, I did.  It was also difficult to figure out exactly where the goofs were.  They weren't too obvious, but enough to annoy me, and I put the hat on hold.  (I just received a comment on the original post about this hat!  I seriously do not remember that I had actually finished it before starting to rip it out!)  Then I started mittens, but after a couple attempts, they were still on the small side.  The hat went into a drawer in a cabinet in the dining room (the other parts of the cabinet house papers, kids' craft stuff, Rob's odds and ends, etc; I got one draw for knitting UFOs, etc).  The mitts went into the ottoman in the TV room. 

This new year, I started clearing out the draw.  There were odd balls to put away, patterns to file, a few things that just needed mending or a button or tails woven in.  There's a couple bigger projects that need finishing or decisions, but I had made an obvious dent in the drawer.

I was going to my parents just after New Years and I couldn't find my flip top mitts that I made last winter.  I also wanted an easy project, so I decided to rip out the too small mitts and make some flip top ones.  I did them two at a time.  It was going well, but after doing the thumbs, I was concerned about the amount of wool.  Usually, you do the inside part of the mitts, then pick up and do the flip top.  I decided this time, I would do the flip top first.  This would also ensure that the colour transitions remain smooth on the outer part of the mitt.  I also opted to shape the tops of the mitts on the outer edges as I have short pinkies and these are hand-specific anyway.  Anything to get a few extra inches of yarn!

Once I got done both flaps, I had only a small bit of Bonnie left.  I decided for the inner part I would use a grey marl Classic Wool.  I did some silly knitting, a combination of short rows and intarsia, to keep the Bonnie wool on the palm side of the inner part, for as long as the yarn would last, so that when the flip top is down, hopefully the grey wouldn't show.  It wasn't really worth that hassle.
Just as I finished the mitts, I was digging through that drawer for something.  Wouldn't ya know, I found the  hat I had forgotten about.  How on earth had I not seen it before?  Although I was ticked, I realized that at least now I know you can knit the flip top first, then pick up the stitches inside for the inner portion of the mitts. 

I considered finishing the hat, but I really don't know what pattern it is (took a few minutes).  And I remember getting frustrated by it.  So, I ripped it out.  I've been seeing a lot of asymmetrical scarves lately, tied like kerchiefs.  Usually they are done in garter stitch, which eats yarn and time.  I found a version I figured I could alter to do on the knitting machine.  There were bands of reverse stockinette, but I opted to do it all in stockinette.

 It was pretty easy on the machine, but I think I could have used a bit more yarn.  Also, despite being 90% wool, 10% silk, and using lots of steam, the long edge still curls.  I like it though. 
(I already included the yarn amounts in my totals, but this set weighed 156grams)

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