Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yarn Confession Time

It might seem I have a lot of yarn coming in right now....mostly thrift store finds that I'm using up quite quickly as I'm making another pile of hats/scarves to donate! 

I  took a look for blankets and sweaters at the Salvation Army, but there was nothing.  There was one "Old Shale/Feather and Fan" baby blanket in blue Bernat Co-ordinates, but I couldn't bring myself to buy that to unravel it.  And it's not really good yarn for hats.  I did look through the scarves and found some.  One was a wide dark brown scarf, looked like it was made on a knitting loom; it yielded 157 gr, one was a garter stitch scarf knit very nicely, but a bit dense; it's got 132gr, and the other scarf is a soft cream and bright pink...however once I started to unravel it I realized they hadn't carried the yarn up the sides so it ended up being small balls; 85gr of cream and 28gr of super bright pink.  I also picked up some odd balls, including two large balls of a sage green weighing in at 289gr.  All this yarn came to 890gr for $7.

Then I went over to Michaels and picked up some sale yarn.  Two balls of Bernat Waverly marked down to $2.49 each.  This feels like a nice yarn, though I wonder if the gauge of 18st on 5mm might be a tad floppy.  Two balls of Loops & Threads "Impeccable" for $4.00 each.  Again, the gauge is 18st on 5mm, but this yarn (at least, some colours) seems flatter, not round and plump.  I also picked up a ball of "Necessities" also by Loops & Threads for $2.99 (was $4.99, used a 40% off coupon).  This has a gauge of 17s on 5mm needles, yet doesn't seem any thicker than the other yarns.  I wanted to try the Vanna's Choice yarn, but the gauge on it was crazy sounding--like, 15 or 16st to 4".  What ever happened to the days of the only choice being Canadiana, Decor, or Classic Wool, all at 20st/4"?  It seems hard to find 20st/4" yarn, except for those 3.  They've all moved to 18st/4".  I did notice a new 22st/4" yarn and that's always been a hard one to find.  Anyway, all this yarn was 542gr for $18.04.

Total In:  8934gr+ 890 + 542 = 10 366gr
Total Used:  5405gr
Balance:  4961gr more bought than used

Total Amount:   $123.46 + $7 +$18.04 = $148.50
Average:  $148.50/57 days = $2.60 per day

So my totals are all up a bit, however, I have ten hats and one cocoon to weigh, and I'm off to go start another hat with the yarn from yesterday!

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