Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Still contemplating that blue/beige shawl.  I folded it in half, and it did cover my arm parts nicely, but I would have liked it to wrap around my lower arms--if I'm wearing a t-shirt and don't want to put on a full sweater, a long shawl is nice.  So, it might become more of a stole size.  We'll see.

Hugh wears the mitts I made him last winter all the time, but I was disappointed that my dye job ran pretty severely, even though I thought I had exhausted the dye.  They've also gotten quite dirty and just don't come clean now since the blue all ran.  So, after getting pine sap on them, he declared them the dog walking mitts and he needed a new pair for school, the next day.  I laughed.  It was a band night, I wouldn't even be home to work on them.  He wanted neon green; I had an apple green but not enough, and a darker green.  I said I'd work on them on Friday.  Well, other things got in the way.  But they were done by Sunday.

 I thought I had accounted for gauge differences, but umm.  Guess not.  The beige is Sirdar Eternity.  I had collected about six balls from different sources over the years.  I had made one hat.  I had started a pair of mitts, but realized quickly that the lumpy, soft yarn would not work for mitts--couldn't be knit tight enough to actually be warm, and the yarn had no body.  But then I thought it'd make a great inner lining!
Well, it's only been two weeks, I think and they don't look quite this nice now, LOL.

Yarn In:  10 566gr
Yarn Out:  5695gr + 129gr = 5824gr
Yarn Balance:  4742gr more In than used
Costs:  $177.48 averages to $2.25/day

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