Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Potato Chip Scarf

Now that I've gone low carb, potato chips are something I really need to avoid.  But a potato chip scarf?  No problem!

 What was supposed to be a nice, quick and easy black potato chip scarf for my cousin's daughter got a little more involved, LOL.  I started with two different black yarns and alternated wedges.  Then, I realized that one of them was not going to be enough, and perhaps the second one either.  So, I introduced a third black yarn.  I did use up all of the first two blacks, so I couldn't make it longer without it just being the last black.  If I had used the third black from the start, then yes, it could have been longer.  But I think the length will be okay.
I used the Singer 327, standard gauge.   I left one needle out of work between the two edge stitches on the wide edge.  I was originally going to weave the black fur yarn over and under the ladders as I went, but found that would slow me down too much.  Once it was all done, I steamed the scarf, then went about doing the fur edge.  I decided that just weaving it over and under the ladders was not quite the right treatment.  I ended up going over the edge stitch and through the ladder.
 The slight differences in the three different black yarns provides a nice textural interest that doesn't come across in any photograph.  Yes, I tried.  A lot.
 The scarf can be worn so that the "chips" spiral, or it can be worn so that it ruffles.  I tried to show here, how the long edge creates a ruffle.  This is also a way to add ruffles to skirts!
Yesterday was the monthly meeting of the machine knitting group.  The topic of the meeting was to get people using their intarsia carriages.  I've done a little with mine, but not a lot.  When I first got the LK150, when Meg was 2 months old, I tried to do a cardigan with horizontal Fair Isle borders for the button bands (the sweater was knit bottom up, but the bands were to be sideways, so the Fair Isle band was vertical.  Make sense?).  It was too much, at that time.
We were given a project for a pillow.  For the life of me, I could not figure out how the pillow got folded to make the diamond design, LOL!  I was going to make a mini one, but really, we're not decorator pillow type people.  And I didn't really have yarn suited.  We were also given a kids' sweater pattern along with a Hello Kitty chart.  I didn't have the right colours with me, but thought it would be a perfect time to try it out--I'd never get around to it at home; I like to just get going on tried and true projects.

I had some issues with her upper paws, and she doesn't have her three dimensional bow, but everyone here knew it was Hello Kitty!  I might be tempted to actually make a real project with her on it for one of the girls, probably Meg.  Perhaps a cardigan with it on the back.  Meg is "hot blooded" and does not need sweaters, LOL, but a cardigan or hoodie is handy.

Yarn In:  5746gr (still!)
Yarn Out:  85gr (scarf---I'm not weighing swatches) + 6077gr =
Total:  6162gr
Balance:  4404 gr more In than used (not up to date, I'm going to blow past that in the next post!)
Costs:  $177.48/93 days = $1.91

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