Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Little Black Scarf

I am working on a mega project.  I won't tell you much, except that it will involve lots of scarves, stoles, wraps, etc.  It will partially be a way to broaden my horizons with my Singer 327, using new techniques, and using up yarn.  Lots of yarn, I hope!  The first example wasn't too difficult, except that with scarves, swatches often become a scarf and scarves often end up just being a swatch.  This is a 3x3 rib, with the center needle of each three taken out of work.  I didn't want it heavy like a winter scarf.  The first swatch was very narrow, but I didn't realize at the time how much I could stretch it.  So, I cast on twice as many stitches.  Now, it was a great width (even a little wide), but too short.  By about half.  Went in the middle for the next attempt, LOL.

 The yarn is 43gr of Denys Brunton "Magicolour"   shade 4BB.  It blends from blue to turquoise to green along with a strand of black.
 Before steaming and stretching, this was very squishy, and the colour shading was very prominent.  And gorgeous!
 After steaming and stretching open, it's really hard to see the colour changes unless there's something dark behind it.  But the scarf is wispy light, with a slight wavy texture of the ribs.
 43gr is not very much yarn.  It works for this scarf though.  Doesn't take very much off my yarn stash totals either.  I've also been using up some almost empty cones (25gr or less) for waste yarn.  I'm not counting that in my totals, some of the waste yarn does get re-used, thrown into a zip loc baggy, but at least the cone is off the shelf.  I think I've emptied 3 cones using it as waste yarn, the cone of the bright blue, this cone of Magicolour, and one of black from the 3 black spiral scarf.  Not a lot of actual weight, but a great improvement in visual clutter.
Yarn In:  10 905gr
Yarn Out: 9859gr + 43gr = 9902gr
Balance:  1 003gr more In than Out
Cost:  $192.71/119 days = $1.62/day

I didn't include the pink-turned-white shawl as it's not "finished" or the shawl I just posted as I started it before this whole yarn confession thing.  I did buy two Machine Knitters Monthly magazines...should I count them?  And, I've got an order in for about $120 worth of yarn, partially for a business adventure!!

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