Friday, May 04, 2012

Fuzzy and Fast

I was starting to feel a little down about not having any finished projects.  Things had been flying off my machine the last few months, but April turned rather slow.  In anticipation of a large yarn order (I hope I'm getting it; the vendor hasn't replied lately to my emails!), I wanted to get through a larger amount of yarn than the 50-90gr often used in the scarves and hats.

Several years ago I bought several bags of Bernat Haven (3 to a bag) at the Spinrite tent sale.  This is an interesting yarn; being 59% acrylic, 22% cotton, 16% alpaca and 3% nylon.  It is slightly fuzzy, slightly textured, with a recommended hook size of 6.5mm.  I think I used 7mm to crochet up this granny square baby blanket.  I think a 7.5mm would also work well and not compact the stitches quite so much.  It was a nice, fast project, and I noticed only one error when I washed it, LOL.  It does say to handwash it, but I think a gentle washing machine will work too.

Yarn In:  10 905gr
Yarn Out:  10 074gr + 260gr = 10 334gr
Balance:  571 gr more In than Out
Costs:  $192.71/128 days = $1.51/day

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