Friday, May 18, 2012

I Fell.

I don't normally go for knitting trends.  I never made Jaywalker socks, a Clapotis, or a Dead Fish hat.  Trends in the machine knitting world are a little less obvious, since we don't have a mega-site like  I never made a faux fur scarf, or even a two colour Noro striped scarf.  I've been watching the current ruffle scarf trend and shaking my head.  I'm not much of a scarf person.  But, much of my knitting is not for me. 

And then, I saw this.  I will say, her picture didn't sway me all that much.  So, make sure you go to the link!  Isn't that ingenious?  Now THAT, I can get into.  Although it doesn't look very wide.

So, today, I decided to go to Michaels and see if I can get some beads, after learning how to do it at the MKing seminar a couple weeks ago (alright, I was really needing to go pick up my shoes from the repair shop, which was on the same road, and thought I'd go into Home Outfitters to see if they had the new caramel macchiato for the Tassimo that I had seen at Staples but at no grocery store, and Michaels is in the same power center as HO).  I found the beads that were recommended, though the smallest crochet hook was 1mm and 0.6mm was the recommended one.  I'll try it anyway.  While browsing around I thought I'd look at the fancy yarns.  They had two of these net yarns, one was Premier Yarns "Starbella" with really nice colours, and the other was "Sashay" (Red Heart?).  It had glitter, but I didn't like the colours.

 I picked up two balls, one for me, one for the secret scarves project.  However, I just looked at that pattern on Ravelry and it says 60m, and these balls are only 30m.  Insert big frowny face here.

So, I need to find an unusual pattern for these yarns, I want to limit it to one ball.  If necessary, I will do the secret scarf as a ruffly scarf, she'll like that, but that's not what I want for me.  Suggestions?

Yarn In: 12 374gr + 200gr = 12 574gr
Yarn Out: 10 344gr
Yarn Balance:    2230gr more In than Out
Yarn Costs:   $271.46 + $16.25 = $287.71
Average:  $287.71/142 days = $2.03/day

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Cindy/KS said...

Interesting shawl! I saw that kind of yarn for the 1st time on Saturday. As for the beads - I use the Tulip US #14 crochet hook - it is a 0.5mm hook & I got it online through email - in fact, after trying to get a #14 locally & having Hobby Lobby only carry them 1 at a time in Boye, I decided to just order an even dozen from the person I found them sold by - they are in Hong Kong, but they offer free shipping & it only takes about 10 days to get them to the US.