Friday, June 15, 2012

What's Coming Up

Just a little post to keep track of what's coming up in the projects, and I found a bag of yarn I bought at Value Village that I haven't counted for yet.  I've got a new swimsuit for Meg to show later, and a pink granny square blanket that still needs ends worked in.  I really hated the yarn, so I'm not in a rush.  I've got another granny square afghan happening as well.  I still haven't steamed out Omelet, or finished re-fashioning a sundress I started earlier this month.  But onwards!

 I always liked this t-shirt (I think I have another one that's similar too).  Yes, it's horizontal stripes, but the varying thicknesses and fabulous placement of the dark stripes keeps the eyes moving.  I don't feel fat when I wear this, at all.  It's also a lightweight t-shirt (though not as light as some I'm seeing now!), and stretchy.  However, when I put it on recently, I caught a glimpse in the mirror that the upper back was all baggy!  So, I got to work to using up all those cones of Yeoman Panama that I've gotten.  I chose "Linen Mix", a short sleeve cardi from Knitwords (#45, I think, Summer 2008).  I'm not going to do it as a cardi though.
 Seven different colours!  Note that this is still on the machine, so you're looking at the "wrong" (purl) side.  I'm carrying the white up the left side, and the beige up the right side.  The beige is the only colour that is repeated within the colour sequence (other than the two rows of white between each colour).  I picked beige because I thought the extra beige would tone it down, but I'm worried about how much I have.  I'm paranoid I'm going to run out of white.  Although there's no blocks of white, doing two rows between each colour means I'll probably use more of it than the other colours.  What I have left on the cone doesn't look like much--but then again, two rows don't take much either.  I had a rough time getting going on this (after trying a different project on this machine that didn't work either), but now I'm up to the neck shaping of the back.  Stopped for lunch.
 I made this sweater pre-blog, I think just before I got pregnant with Meg.  It's a yarn called "Mexican Wave DK", and I used a blue version in a crocheted sweater recently.  The body of the sweater is knit in garter stitch on the diagonal.  The back is a rectangle, and the front has a V neck.  The sleeves were done in stockinette because I was tired of the extra time for garter stitch and I worried about running out of yarn.  Once I had it done, I thought it was a smidge too snug for what I wanted.  I knit garter stitch panels and sewed them up the side (maybe I did this before the sleeves).  I made them a bit shorter than the front and back for extra detail.  I loved the way the colours seem to glow against the black, and I always got compliments when I wore it.  After Meg was born though, it just seemed too sloppy.  I've always thought about ripping it out and re-knitting it, and I think the time is now.  It'll be a good "sit in the park" project.  I think I might even be able to keep the sleeves intact...
And the recent acquisition from Value Village.  They had all the knitting and sewing items 1/2 off, so this bag cost me only $2.  There's some pink chunky (the colours are a little washed out in the sun), Bernat Mosaic (an acrylic version of Noro), and brown and green worsted.  The Mosaic is 134gr, which means there's a knot in there somewhere, LOL.  It'll be enough for another potato chip scarf, and the total weight is 264gr.

Total In:  264gr + 12 574gr = 12 838gr
Total Out:  10 945gr
Balance:  1893gr more In than Out
Costs:  $287.71 + $2.25 = $289.96/172 days = $1.69/day

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