Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Yes, another square crocheted baby blanket to donate.  I wrote back in the winter about getting bags of yarn and fabric from my mother in law's friend.  I used quite a bit when I made hats/scarves to donate.  There was quite a bit of a bulky acrylic (70%)-mohair (15%)-wool (15%) from Sears, in different colours.  The yarn is called Giselle and was made in Canada, probably by Patons.  It actually feels pretty good and the colours are nice, but a fuzzy, bulky yarn in pastel colours is not high on my list of desired yarn for garments.  I do have a pattern for a cute vest, which I think the girls would like, but I doubt they'd actually wear it.

 Anyway, it was a perfect choice for more of these crocheted square blankets.

This one is pale green, blue, and white.  I started with a 9mm hook but switched to a 10mm hook near the end.  I still have more of this yarn, I just stopped because it seemed big enough.

Yarn In:  13 966gr
Yarn Out:  11 361+ 323gr = 11 684gr
Balance:  2282 gr more In than Out
Cost:  $306.30/191 days = $1.60/day

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