Monday, August 27, 2012

Naughty Kid Knits

It's my 6th Blogiversary, right about now.  Wow.  I had actually started up a blog in December 2005....with a newborn (child #3) and no digital camera and no brain power to remember how to log was quickly abandoned.  My second attempt has stuck though!

That child #3 is now closing in on turning 7, going to start grade 2 in a week, and is frequently my campanion in the knitting room.  Recently she wanted to do "something", and rather than have another "doll blanket", I guided her towards a dish towel with hanging loop, done in a 1x1 tuck on the LK150.  Similar to the scarves she had helped with in winter.  For some reason though, this time, maybe because of the cotton yarn, we had troubles.  I think I might have knit (and unknit) more than she did.  I did do the entire strap part myself, she's not up to reforming stitches for ribbing yet.

Yeah, the pictures aren't that great.  There is a bit of curling, but actually, it's the whole cloth that is curling, not just the typical edge curl.  I could probably steam it out but, hey, it's a dish towel.  Actually, I use these types that tie onto the stove for just hand drying.  Whatever.  It used up 50gr of cotton that I've had since she was 1 or 2 when I made her a dress :)

Yarn In: 14 236gr
Yarn Out:  12 267gr + 50gr = 12 317gr
Balance:  1919gr more In than Out
Costs:  $309.69/245 days = $1.26/day

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