Sunday, October 14, 2012

Can't Blame this on Marg!

Had to do some thrift store running around with Meg to look for costume parts, and of course, I check the yarns!  Value Village had quite a few cones of yarn, including some nice creamy colour, slightly fuzzy.  But no label.  So I passed it by!  I'm so proud of myself, LOL.  However, they did have this bag of ruffle/novelty yarns:

259 grams, for $2.99 + 0.39 tax....$3.38!  Usually this yarn is sold in 100gr balls, so I'll have to check each ball before I start a project.  But with the way I've been doing it on the knitting machine, I can stretch it out further than the HK patterns.

Also, while googling around this weekend, I came across a webpage with instructions on how to make your own novelty ruffly yarn on the knitting machine!  I might give it a try, but using the ribber.  Otherwise, you will have a very curly edge on the "yarn".  It's also going to be more dense than the mesh style ribbon yarns.  But it will be very unique!

Yarn In:  17 482 + 259gr = 17 741gr
Yarn Out:  13 501gr
Balance:  4240gr more brought IN than out
Cost:  $416.82 + $3.38 = $420.20/$1.43 per day

I do have a few completed items to show next week!

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