Friday, October 19, 2012

Manly Scarves

I know it's really easy, as a woman, to focus on the frilly, feminine, cute knitting projects.  So often men get forgotten, or get a simple stockinette scarf or hat.  I decided last week to make up some men's scarves.  Great one ball projects!

The first one was Sirdar Denim Tweed DK, 50gr.  It's a combo of acrylic, cotton and wool.  The best of each!  I made this on the LK150, using the common tuck pattern of every 4th needle in hold, knit 3 rows, put Russell levers to II and knit a row, then put the center needle of the three that had been in work, into hold.  And repeat.  Crochet cast on and off.  Then a good steam!

The second one, I made on my SK155.  Yes, I got a new tension dial cam and it seems to be doing tuck now (I have found that the tension dial still rises up and will come off the lever thingy, so I just keep a finger on the tension dial as I knit).  This one is Bernat Wool Blend (Natural Blends), 80% acrylic, 20% wool.  I used T10 and it was still a little tighter than I would have liked for a scarf, though it steamed out nice.  It's 102gr.  Interesting.  I wanted to use a punchcard to make the same design as the first scarf, but I can't seem to find that one.  I tried using a standard gauge punchcard, but it didn't work out.  So I used the EON one which gives a ribbed look on one side and a small honeycomb on the back (some people think it looks like moss stitch).
Both these scarves were super quick, even allowing for knitting each one for a bit before deciding they were too wide.  I mean, the actual scarf took maybe an hour.  Super boring knitting, but at least it's only an hour :)

I've listed these on my other site!

Yarn In:  17 741gr
Yarn Out:  152gr + 13 747gr = 13 899gr
Balance:  3842 more yarn brought IN than used up
Costs:  $420.20/299 days = $1.41/day

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