Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Find Me On Facebook!

I wasn't enjoying using Weebly to make my TracyKM Designs website.  I had created a Facebook "group" awhile ago, but realized that wasn't what I really wanted.  So, today, I spent quite a while and made a "page" for TracyKM Designs.  You can find me at http://www.facebook.com/TracykmDesigns .

And can I say "Wow!"?  I am sooooo excited at the thumbs up I'm getting.  I sewed up a bunch of mittens that I took into a friend's boutique, "Beadle".  I linked to her in a picture of the mitts, and she re-posted it on her store's FB page....and STRANGERS are "liking" my (crappy) picture of the mitts!  I wish I had gotten better pictures, but it was late when I finished on Sunday night, so I was a bit rushed on Monday morning.  It's one thing for my own personal friends and family to say my stuff is nice, but when people who have no connection to me give a thumbs up?  Making my day!  Thanks!

And hopefully tomorrow I will get back to regular posting here :)

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