Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winter Time

Winter means mitts!  This year the school has a "Mitten Tree" (for mittens or hats) and of course, I have to donate!  I made up a pair of size 4 mitts, using that bright coral that I used for another pair recently.  I forgot to weigh them, or even take a picture, but the other ones were 33gr, so I'm going to call these ones at 30gr. 
This time, I did the cast on and ribbing like in the LK150 manual.  It was quite nice, except for sitting there latching up the ribbing, LOL.  I started a larger mitten and have taken photos for every step, so I am going to write up my definitive machine knit mitten pattern soon.  I've given tutorials and shown how I do things already, but this time I will have ALL the numbers, for all the sizes, based on a 20/26 worsted weight yarn.
I also have an adorable black fedora/bow tie set to show off, for newborn photography, a new slouchy hat for myself that's almost finished, and several more projects lined up (including about 5 pairs of double thick mittens cut out and ready to sew up once my cold starts letting off).  Posting might be a bit sporadic over the Christmas period, but I'm going to try to keep on top of it this year!
Oh, I bought a bit of yarn for a project...144gr of sage green worsted, from Value Village and 60gr of novelty yarns from Bessie's Treasures.  Her shop is closed right now, and I'm surprised you can't see her lovely photos!  This photo is one she sent me while we figured out a custom order.

Yarn In:  20 150 + 204gr = 20 354gr
Yarn Out:  16 038gr + 30gr = 16 068gr
Balance:  4286gr more brought IN than out
Cost:  $1.57 + 26.56 = $28.13 + $496.30 = $524.43/353 days = $1.49/day

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