Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Blogger Bites

I spent a bit of time on the weekend making sure I had all my photos on the computer and ready to get back to blogging.  Then I read yesterday on a blog that there was a big issue with loading pictures.  Sure enough, the window comes up, but the line for selecting from your computer is missing.  What's a knitting/sewing blog without pictures?!  C'mon Blogger.  It's not like you've suddenly changed the format.  It was working last week, just put it back the way it was then!


steel breeze said...

My pics are all on Flickr (because of Ravelry) so I just paste the code in now. Plus I think I was running out of space with blogger anyway :)

TracyKM said...

That's a great idea. Some of the blogs I read have lately had that picture limit issue. It used to show every time I loaded photos how much space was left, but it seemed so vague. Now, I don't see that at all, so I have no clue. I'll look into it!

Diana L. Sullivan, CPA said...

Amen, Sister! They need to FIX THIS.

I had the same problem, just as you describe. I tried several things people suggested. Finally, I downloaded the Chrome browser and now it's working for me in Chrome.

Without being able to load pictures, what the point of my knitting blog? I have loved Blogger, but this is the sort of thing that makes WordPress tempting.

TracyKM said...

I'll try Chrome. I think we have it on this computer. ALthough it seemed to be doing things that were annoying the husband so he might have deleted it. I have it on my tablet, so if worse comes to worse and I have blogging withdrawl, I'll load my pictures onto the tablet and try that. The Flickr idea sounds good though since I'm worried about space at some point.