Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stash Enhancements pt 2

I got the rest of the grey sweater balled up.  It was interesting.  I got most of it taken apart, then starting winding it around a chair to make skeins.  I wanted to wash it before knitting, since it seemed a little dusty and I didn't know if I'd have time after knitting to wash the final items.  When I did the back, it started out normal, then went to two rows with one yarn, two rows with a second yarn.  Odd for a commercially knit product.  Then the sleeves and one front were even weirder--one row for one yarn, one row for another yarn.  Two machine carriages going across at the same time?  I lost a lot of yarn with the front with button holes.  The bands had been knitted as part of the front, which meant less taking apart, but the buttonholes were added after knitting, by machine sewing.  So, if I wanted to unravel it, I'd lose the 4-5 rows that the button hole is over.  Not worth it!  I ended up with 209 gr in big balls, and 31 gr in small balls, plus the 66gr I used for a little blanket.  That's 306 gr for $5.99 (+tax...$ there tax on adult clothes at a thrift store?  My receipt just shows the total tax).

The peach sweater worked out well to take apart.  The yarn did break a couple times, but I ended up with 173gr in big balls, 75gr in medium balls, and 27gr in small butterflies.  Total 275gr for $6.77 as well.

Yarn In:  861gr + 581gr = 1442gr
Yarn Out:  92gr
Balance:  1350 gr more brought in than used up
Costs:  $13.54 + $45.07 = 58.61/26 days = $2.25/day

Yes, I really must get the totals of the things I've finished this month!  Tom Sawyer pants and one long hat were already included?!  Oh, that leaves me with three little baby blankets and a long hat....really?!  That's no where near 1300gr!  LOL.  What else have I been doing?  A lace shawl, a green swatch...anything else finished?!

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