Monday, January 28, 2013

Tom Sawyer Pants

The photographer I've been knitting for sent me a picture of a babe reclining in a basket, wearing rustic brown pants with "suspenders".

 Made me think of Tom Sawyer, not a care in the world.  I had two different yarns in my stash to choose from, and selected an unknown yarn that had a rustic, woolly feel, with little bits of tweedyness.  In the paper patterns for the KR 7 for my Singer SK155, there was a pair of baby pants.  Well, not newborn size.  I got started before realizing just how big the pattern was....or else my Christmas flu just hadn't worn off totally and my brain was still fuzzy.  Basically, I needed them 1/2 the size of the pattern.  Add in how the KR7 has a half size/full size option, and the trip lever on the carriage....after a couple tries I got the pattern right.  For the straps, I did tuck on every other needle, alternating with each row (row 1:  010101, row 2:  101010).

No, the legs are exactly the same length...just arranged poorly and/or one needs more steam :)

 I made a twisted cord for the waist band (I made the inside of the waist band in a softer yarn, but really, the pants could have been plated with a softer yarn inside).  On the front, I sewed two non-functioning buttons (they came from my brother's partner's mother).  On the back, inside the waist, I sewed little buttons, and the straps had three buttonholes.  This way, the buttonholes are less noticeable as baby will likely be laying on his back for the photo.

They turned out adorable, and I can't wait to see them on a real baby!  I have plans for a more girly version, but not sure if the yarn I have is enough.  I'll just have to try!
I think I did a great job of matching the inspiration photo.  The hat was made by Jennifer herself!

It appears that I already included these pants in my totals for last year :( 

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