Saturday, January 05, 2013

Year End Totals

I really want to clear up all my totals from last year.  I started keeping track just after Christmas, and one of the items I'm including in my totals I finished right at New Years but I'm going to include it anyway, since I should have been done sooner LOL and I'm going to start keeping track from Jan 1 for this year.  I have a matching one in another colour to do, which should have also been done already, but I won't include that one :)

I'll have more detailed posts next week, with the photos.  Right now it's just about the numbers.
Projects done:
      5 Honey Hive slouchy hats:  469gr
      1 pair "Tom Sawyer Pants"  46gr (estimate; pants are 43gr and I'm still working on the straps)
      1 multi coloured, textures stocking cap 91gr
Total  606gr

Yarn In:
100gr Black Shetland Chunky (Black)  $5.23
141 gr RH Soft (Rose); Country Loom 140gr; Charisma 100gr; Shetland Chunky 100gr=$22.78
70gr Easy Knit "Treasure Chest Yarn"...don't know the price, so estimating $5.00
81gr Freecycled
Total $33.01; 742gr

Yarn In:  742gr + 20 354gr = 21 096gr
Yarn Out:  606gr + 16 243gr = 16 849gr
Balance:  4247gr more brought IN than used up
Costs:  $33.01 + $524.43 = $557.44/373 days = $1.49/day

So, I wonder...if I bring in about 4300gr more than I use each year, and I've been building my stash for about 13 years (in the beginning I didn't have a stash)...that would mean 55 900gr of stash; nearly 56kg, or 123.5lb of yarn in my basement.  Mmmm.  I an average of 100gr per ball....559 balls....sounds like a project for some day when I have NOTHING else to do.  LOL.

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