Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I was reading someone's blog on the weekend (which here, included Monday) and saw in their links list that it had been two weeks since I posted.  And, that last post was a total "I don't have time/energy to post what I really want to post so here's a little brainless filler" post.  I have been so busy and scattered lately that finding time to take, download, edit pictures, weigh yarn, etc, and actually write a post is a little daunting.  I don't know how some women do it---you know the ones....running a successful home business, looking after young children/homeschooling, blogging every day, reading other's blogs, Pinterest addiction, conquering cancer....and they still have time to be creative.  Do they ever sleep?!  I can not give that up, LOL.

But I am behind in blogging (though I've been waiting for the "real" photos from my photographer clients)...and I just turned my head a little and saw a big dust bunny under the computer.  Sigh.  I feel overwhelmed with trying to keep my website and FB pages up to date with photos, and of course, as soon as I go on FB, I get sucked into some weird time-warp.  Two weeks without blogging is just way too long though--especially after having had a 2-3 times a WEEK routine.  Onwards.

And then one morning I heard this guy out back.  Spent too long trying to get a good photo!
And then I think I have everything under control, and a client sends a request for a custom order, ASAP due to the baby arriving 3 weeks early.  But it was so cute, how could I say no?  The mom's name is Hershi, and wanted a Hershey kiss outfit.  After having a hard time finding light gray for the mini blankets, I didn't even bother trying to search out new yarn, and just used what was left from unravelling the Old Navy sweater.  I was able to use many of the small balls/butterflies of yarn since in such a tiny item they could actually do a few rows.  I'd link to the pattern, but I'm not totally happy with it.  The hat starts at the top, and there's no stitch counts in the pattern, so I never know if I'm doing it "right".  My first attempt was a little off, so I tried again and got more of a point.  However, the pattern has you increase for only 7 rows, ending with what appeared to be 28 double crochet, using a 5mm (H) hook, for a 15" hat.  Now, when I made the striped elf hat, I started with 40 or 42 DC, for a smaller hat.  There's no gauge listed, but how is 28dc going to be 15"?  That's like, just under 2dc per inch.  And, some of the increase rows did not work out evenly, meaning that although it seemed to say dc in two sts, 2 dc in next ended the row with a single dc at the end.  So, I just went with my gauge and kept increasing until I got to around 40dc....then ripped it back because the shape wasn't right...

I didn't want to fuss around for buttons to make an adjustable diaper cover, (and there were some issues with the cover from the fedora set), so I just did a simple pull on with a drawstring waist.  Basically the same pattern I had used for the machine knitted ones, but her crochet version (Dandelion Dreamer, I think).
The photographer was making a ribbon for the top of the kiss.
Isn't that adorable!! Click on it to get the larger version!  The blanket is the mini-blanket I showed last month.  I saw that glass when I delivered the outfit, and I have to's not all that big!  Babe was about 4lb at birth (so even if she brewed another 3 weeks, would still have only been a tiny peanut at 5 1/2lb).  Go visit Jennifer's website too, or her Facebook page!

And look at that....I now have 9 minutes before I have to leave to pick up kids for lunch, and I still wanted to do all my yarn totals--because even though I haven't been blogging, I have still been buying LOL.  Perhaps this afternoon?

Yarn In:  1442gr
Yarn Out:  40gr (Hershey Set) + 358 gr = 398gr
Balance:  1044 gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $58.61/51 days = $1.15 per day

Ohhhh...those totals are so way off.  Bought 600gr ($22.60) during this past weekend, and a huge bag of Classic Wool at Value Village a few weeks ago...and another sweater that I ripped apart....Definitely, this afternoon I have to update all that!!  And there's my alarm saying to wrap up and go get the kids!

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