Sunday, February 03, 2013

Something Old but not Blue

Way back in September, my entire extended family was going to have a photo shoot done.  The colours chosen was red, navy and cream.  The weather in September can be very unpredictable, and I had one navy shawl, so I thought a red shawl might be a good thing to take along.
I wasn't too happy with it, I really rushed and there were some issues.  It's the standard tuck pattern, card 3 or 7 I don't know, with needles out of work...I've used it before.  I didn't weigh it cause I thought I might just rip it apart after the pictures.  I still might.  I know I can do a much better job, and a red stole is not something I'd need very often anyway.

 I couldn't decide how to treat the end needles.  I liked the little scallops that were forming, but I had problems with stitches dropping, etc.
I don't know.  Keep or rip?  I do like red, but it feels a little too strong.....

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