Tuesday, March 05, 2013


I bought this scarf at Value Village recently and knew it would be great for a spring/Easter hat! 

The colours reminded me of the "panned eggs" you get at Easter, in the bright pastel colours (can something be bright AND pastel?). 

It's  a pretty simple little hat, I actually knit a little swatch, and cast on 32 stitches.  I love how tiny newborn things  are, especially when knit  in a chunky yarn!

Could it be any sweeter?

I'm still searching for something in the middle of the bow.  I love how the ribbon has the holographic silver edge, to match the silver metallic thread in the yarn.

I'm going to whip up a diaper cover, I think in white, and use this yarn to make ruffles on the bum.  Sweeeeet!

Yarn In: 4892gr
Yarn Out:  33gr + 1211gr = 1244gr
Balance:  3648gr more brought IN than out
Costs: $141.54/64 days = $2.21/day

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