Thursday, May 30, 2013

Twin Hats

I seem to be acquiring a bit of "Giselle" yarn, an old one by Sears.  It's possible that some of the unlabeled balls aren't actually Giselle, but they look, feel, and work the same.  I thought a little twin set would be nice.
 This soft grey could be altered for a boy's hat by removing the scallop (permanently).
 Simple sweetness.  There is a row of double crochets above the braid rows, which I did to thread a ribbon through.  I just can't decide on what colour.  I have a nice darkish grey one though.
Flowers could also be made to add.  The rose would look nice on the grey hat...but a grey flower on the rose hat?  Ick.  Suggestions?  White flower or ribbon on both?  Take the scallop off the grey one?
Newborn size. 

Yarn In:  6637gr
Yarn Out: 53gr + 4110gr = 4163gr
Balance:  2474 gr more brought IN than out
Cost:  $185.03/151 days = $1.22/day

Monday, May 27, 2013

Chunky Cable Cuteness

Just another chunky cable hat, in a little bigger size than the original cream one.
 I believe I used a slightly larger cable, maybe the next size larger needles too.  This "head" is supposed to be 6 month size, and it's not snug, so if your babe has a headful of hair, it'd fit.  If he's a baldy, then it's probably more like 9 months (you do want it snug).
Not sure if I'll add any buttons to either side of the brim.  Not urgent, anyway.

Yarn In:  6637gr
Yarn Out:  51gr + 4059gr = 4110gr
Balance:  2527gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $185.03/147 days = $1.26 per day

Sunday, May 26, 2013


I haven't blogged recently because we keep using up all our internet usage before we get to the end of the bill month!  Very annoying.  I go to the library to use their internet, but I don't like to use their computers, and my flash drives are getting really disorganized with photos/patterns, etc, so I don't want to keep adding more photos....I've got a lot of little projects to share with you though!

Layering blankets again!  Hopefully I'll get some "real" photos of these soon!
 This is 27gr of Shelridge Farms, bulky wool, hand dyed.  I got this LOOOONG time ago, back when they were near Guelph.  It was a limited edition, and I used half the yarn to make a man's beanie that won a ribbon in the Orangeville Fall Fair.  Not a really soft yarn, but it blocked out beautifully!
It really held it's shape/definition.  I was worried that my idea wasn't going to work.  Basically, I wrapped the yarn twice with each stitch, and dropped the extra wrap when knitting the next row.  It was an ugly mess of blue spaghetti when I cast off, but blocking wool is magic!
 Next up is another blankie in "Divine" by Patons, done in the Wave Stitch.  46gr.

 And then we have "Be Mine" by Patons (or Bernat?), discontinued.  I did the same pattern as the Shelridge Farm one, due to time constraint.  I started after lunch, knit for a bit, ripped it all out and re-started, slightly smaller, before dinner, and had it finished to take to the photographer at 1pm.  It's not blocked, due to the synthetic nature of the yarn.  It feels like the softest velvet ever!

 I like that it looks fine turned sideways.  As a knitter, it usually bugs me when a non-knitter uses a knit fabric "the wrong way/direction" LOL.  31gr.

Look at this adorable photo using these blankets!  Jennifer is so creative.  I got to see this shot set up before the twins go there.  Very clever!  I have lots more yarn to make more of these!
 And last, for now, a lilac "Divine" waves.
It's a very subtle pattern, due to the texture of the yarn, but can also look nice "sideways".  48gr.  It's nice I can get two of these from one ball!

Isn't the composition on these photos darling?  Dawn at Hourglass Imaging has a really creative eye!
  If anyone is interested, I can make more in the dark blue Divine and the Be Mine (and there are lots of other colours of Divine!).
Oh, and two balls of Bernat "Mosaic" leapt into my cart the other day :)  200gr
By the way, on my Facebook page, I'm having a give-away!!  Go check it out!!  Please!  All you have to do is "like" my page, and leave a comment on the give-away post!
Yarn In:  6437gr + 200gr = 6637gr
Yarn Out:  3907gr + 152gr = 4059gr
Balance:  2578gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $173.75 + $11.28 = $185.03/146 days = $1.25/day

Monday, May 13, 2013


No, not me!  Not even anyone I know!  It's my new "Twins & Siblings" line of hats.  Usually I'm working from limited supplies of a particular yarn, due to getting it at close outs, thrift stores, vintage items, ripped out commercial sweaters, etc.  So, when I get a larger batch of yarn, I'm now going to make several same sized, but slightly different hats, along with a couple larger size ones.

The first of the line is in Bernat "Mosaic".  I love this yarn.  It's 100% acrylic, but has a rustic look, similar to Noro yarns.  Subtle shading, instead of distinct variegation.
 However, the hats all took about the same amount of yarn, and turned out quite similar.  I made the top left one, then the bottom left...finishes with the brim in orange, and then move to the top, 2nd from the left and it's orange to start at the top again.  There's two different stitch patterns used, I thought that would mix it up a little, but no....for my next batch of Mosaic hats, I need to make them really different patterns, or just scrap some yarn so they don't start at the same point in the colourway.  I bought this yarn, 3 or 4 balls in a bag, for $10--however, they had only two colourways, both boy-ish (bought them both). (One hat apparently missed this photo shoot!)
 This bunch of hats is in the grey yarn that i used for the Hershey Kiss outfit and layering blanket.  Still have quite a bit left.  The left and middle hats are newborn size, and of course the flower could be taken off to make the left one a boy hat.  The one on the right is the same design as the middle one, but a toddler size.  I think the flowers should have been on both these hats, and not the one on the left.
These hat patterns are all from  I did have to alter this one since the top portion just didn't come out right, so I used the same pattern/stitch numbers as the other newsboy cap.

Yarn In:  6437gr
Yarn Out:  230gr + 3677gr = 3907gr
Balance:  2530gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $173.75/133 days = $1.31/day

Monday, May 06, 2013


Every time I make this bear, I don't want to give him away.  One of these days I'll have to make one just for myself. 
 I like to knit all the pieces first, and then stuff them.  It doesn't look like much, all jumbled in a pile!
 Now you can get a better idea of his size!  He's made from Sirdar "Eternity", a nice, multi-fiber yarn that I've had forever.
 Ever get jealous looking at the great photos on other knitter's sites, or on photographer's sites?  My dog, Skippy, thinks it's his job to personally inspect every thing I take a picture of!
 Don't you just melt, looking at those little eye and nose?
Like my new watermark?  Now that I'm on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr, to protect myself LOL.  My daughter insisted I get an Instagram and Twitter account, don't expect frequent updates from me :)  I do want to focus on Pinterest a bit more.  The Weebly site is just to have a website presence other than the mass-media social sites.  I post a lot on my Facebook page though, so come check me out there too!

Yarn In:  6437gr
Yarn Out:  95gr + 3677gr = 3772gr
Balance:  2665gr
Costs:  $173.75/126 days = $1.38 per day

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A Bigger Dent

I am donating a bagful of yarn to a mother on our School Community Council (Ontario's version of PTA); she makes afghans for cancer treatment centres (or donates the yarn to the baskets in the waiting room).  She's also getting a bag of "milk bags".  Here in Ontario, milk is sold in three pouches, together in one larger bag.  The outer bags are collected, cut into strips, and crocheted into plastic sleep mats for developing countries.  The plastic yarn is sometimes called "plarn".

Off to a new home is 700gr of Olive "Decor", 394gr of baby blue Berella 4, 81gr of green Berella 4, 174gr of green Zeller's yarn, 50gr of blue Zeller's Sayelle, and 580gr of bulky peach Canadiana.  Only the "Decor" is yarn I've bought myself.  The peach Canadiana is left over from the sweater that was found in my aunt's stuff after she died, with a partially knit sweater that I finished off for my mom.  Great sweater, except my mom is rarely cold enough to need a sweater LOL.  It feels nice to pass on some yarn, though I don't notice any difference in my yarn collection LOL!!  And seeing my totals below...I'm giving away more yarn that what I've used this year?!  What am I doing with my time?!  Oh, I do have a few projects to show, so it might even out.

Yarn In:  6437gr
Yarn Out: 1979gr (donation) + 1698gr = 3677gr
Balance:  2760gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $173.75/121 days = $1.44 per day