Friday, June 28, 2013

Can You See It?

When I went up to my parents for last weekend, I rushed to finish up some surprise water bottle holders and putting in a new zipper in my Dad's coat.  The zipper sucked.  Got to do it over.  The water bottle holder I made for my Dad didn't fit the larger bottle he usually uses.  And I forgot to take a picture of it.  It's the green camo I used in the 5 holder order; backed with a greenish colour from one of my husband's shirts, and another greenish colour for the strap, cut from my husband's pants.  His bottle fit in the green/yellow holder I had crocheted, though my hubby said it wasn't manly enough.
 So, I decided to head into town, to V&S Stedman's....the closest thing to an old Five and Dime in small, rural Ontario towns.  They always have a decent yarn selection (even if it is just Patons/Bernat and Briggs & Little).  I found some Handicrafter in grey, beige and brown.
 I was able to crochet this up, with time to spare.  And, with 2grams left.  I'm going to count it as using the whole ball though; since I doubt I'll use the remainder for anything.
 These were the surprise holders I made last week.  From left; a little flower print, centre is a turtle print for Lucy, and right is the dainty ladies walking dogs again.
Left is a chicken print.  This was for my mom who has chickens.  Centre is a teal pattern.  I showed Lucy two colours with this pattern and asked her which one she liked better (she didn't know about the turtle fabric).  The other one went better, but this way she does have two options.  The insides do not need to match.  The one on the right is figure skaters for Meg!  The two on the left have twill tape for straps.  It's a little wimpy, and I mis-calculated when figuring out how much to get for straps.  I thought I was being clever, getting enough from 2m to make exactly 5.  However, that was calculated with only 1/2 the strap length!  So, now I can get two and a half straps.  But I don't think I can seam it.  So, I have to get  creative.  Maybe try out an idea for an adjustable strap...

Yarn In:  42gr + 7410gr = 7452gr
Yarn Out:  42gr + 4553gr = 4595gr
Balance:  2857gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $2.25 + $208.46 = $210.71/180 days = $1.17 per day

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KnittyLittleSecret said...

I read your blog!! :)

I hate having such little yarn leftover. I'm always keeping the stupid little balls, telling myself that surely they'll come in handy for something. Never. Happens.

I love your bottle holders and am jealous of your sewing capabilities.