Wednesday, June 05, 2013


To go with the white slippers, I needed some little flowers.  The red and white one is to give some perspective.  I ended up making 9 pairs of little flowers.
 They're so tiny, you don't get "second flower syndrome" like you do socks or mittens.
 I used a variety of patterns and ideas.  Can't really say much more than that.  Most of the yarns were sock yarns, even DK yarn seemed too thick.
Flower embellishments are often touted as a way to use up scraps.  The bigger, three layer flowers can use up to 25gr, which, if all one colour, is 1/2 a 50gr ball!  However, these nine tiny flowers used up only 9grams TOTAL. Now this is a scrap buster!

Yarn In:  6637gr
Yarn Out 9gr + 4110gr = 4119gr
Balance:  2518gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $185.03/157 days = $1.18

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