Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Way Back When...

We had a very cool spring this year, and although I wanted a new hat set, I hesitated, thinking any moment spring would appear.  It never really did.  We had two nice days this month, and then this past weekend, summer arrived in full force.
I did finally get around to crocheting a set, partially due to the fact my youngest takes figure skating lessons, and a hat and gloves are perfectly acceptable while I sit there and watch LOL.
 The gloves are from the crochet book I wrote about a little while ago.  I felt the stitch pattern was a little lost in the pair in the book, due to the yarn.  This yarn (KnitPicks' "Sugar Bunny") is definitely hairy, but I thought the solid colour would show off the pattern.  Well, I'm not sure it was worth it--while totally easy, it just looks a little random when worn.
 I got the first one done with no problem, including the sewing up and the trims.  Then, when I did the second one, I couldn't see how their directions resulted in scallops along the top.  LOL.  I knew what it should look like though, so I got it done.  Really, these gloves could be done in any stitch pattern.  Cast on/chain for the length you want--knuckles to wrist bone (or longer).  Do as many rows as needed to go around the hand (allow a bit of negative ease).  Seam up the side, leaving a gap for the thumb, location based on how long you made it.  Easy peasy.
 The hat.  I love the end result, but it wasn't easy to get there.  I wanted it loose and open, and I wanted to match the gloves.  I had no idea how to increase in the glove pattern.  Went with double crochet.  Too closed.  Tried triple crochet.  Too unstructured.  Tried double crochet, ch 1.  Too open.  Finally, did just double crochet, but with a much larger hook.  It's quite warm despite that!
And then the scarf.  Again....many attempts at the right stitch/gauge.  This time, I did end up with dc, ch1; (not sure if I then dc into the spaces, or into the dc).  I miscalculated the mid-point, but after ripping back so many times, I just could do it again.  This yarn does NOT like to be ripped back (maybe easier in knit though).  It's big enough, and quite warm.  The set is not really as "spring" as I'd like--the angora is warm!  So, I could actually have used real gloves or mitts.  However, the gloves look really shoddy now :(  I'm so glad I didn't make them to sell!  I used all but 2grams, and it cost $4.73 when I bought it at Value Village back in early December!

Yarn In:  7410gr
Yarn Out:  120gr + 4433gr = 4553gr
Balance:  2857gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $208.46/178 days = $1.17/day

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