Friday, July 19, 2013

Purchase Updates

So, I've bought some yarn in the past few weeks.  And an item to turn back into yarn.

From left, two balls of Bernat "On the Fringe".  ($3.00 each, clearance at Wal-Mart, 120gr total).  This is the most soft yarn ever.  It's like a thick eyelash.  Would make an awesome bear, but I don't have enough for my usual pattern.  So I think it'll be a layering blanket.  One ball of silver eyelash yarn, 50gr, one ball of Bernat "Fab Faux" ( 70gr--not sure if it's a full ball, but since I've already started working with it, I can't weigh it), a ball of plain blue and variegated brown (total 145gr).  All those (except the ones from Wal-Mart), were in a bag from Value Village, for $2.99 ($3.38).  I will probably donate the blue and brown yarns.
Below the yarns in the top photo is a vest I bought for the yarn.  It's edged in garter sts, with a long tie, in a yarn that looks like Patons "Decor" or maybe even Classic Wool.  I'll compare them once I unravel.  I have no idea what the main yarn is, but it's soft and lumpy bumpy boucle.  Quite tightly knit--hard to even tell if it's garter stitch or stockinette stitch.  It looks good with the yarn it was paired with, and also the silver eyelash.  I picture a vintage inspired pixie hat, leg warmers, and layering blanket!  I won't weigh it till it's unravelled, but the price was $5.99 ($6.77)

Yarn In:  385gr + 7452gr = 7837gr
Yarn Out:  4799gr
Balance:  3038 gr brought IN than out
Costs:  $16.93 + $210.71 = $227.61/201 days = $1.13 per day

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