Monday, August 12, 2013

Blue and Fuzzy!

I found this yarn at Value Village (there were some other colours too, but too wild) and knew it should be a simple layering blanket.  However, it took several attempts.  The yarn on it's own, was not enough (yardage) to make a decent size blanket.  Just a little on the short side.  However, the yarn did not like being ripped out, so I knew the last try would be the last try.

I knit one row with the thick yarn, then one row with a thin navy chenille.  Then slid the stitches back to the other end of the circular needle, and knit the thick yarn.  Using the circular needles meant that I could do only one row of each yarn, using one only ball of each (normally you'd have to do two rows to get back to where you left the other yarn).

It didn't turn out square, but it's very flexible and shapeable.  Just give it a shake.  It's SO soft.  I'd like to snuggle with it!

Yarn In:  7837gr
Yarn Out:  82gr + 4915gr = 4997gr
Balance:  2840gr more brought IN than out
Cost:  $227.61/225 days = $1.01/day

Yes, I know you're dieing to know what I bought this past week!  I'm dieing to show it!  Right now though, I need to get back to the custom order skull mei tai that I'm making!

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